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Community Support

Our C.I.C status allows us to access funding that can be used to deliver specific projects in schools and at our hubs, these projects can be anything from community hubs to group work and creating resources. We chose to stay as a C.I.C because long-term we would like to build up enough end of year 'profit' to be able to re-invest back into the community. At Bridge the Gap we are committed to helping support children in our city to improve long-term outcomes and raise self-esteem and aspirations. We have always been committed to responding to the needs of our community, with the increased pressure on our service we have had to begin to scale this back. You can find examples of what we still have currently available below. If you can help to fund our service then please get in touch.

Community Hub

We have some new group sessions for children starting, children will get the opportunity to access our 6-week course 'Understand Emotions and Boosting Self-esteem'.

These will be funded for children currently receiving free school meals.

This is due to start in January 2023.


FREE Parent Drop-in

Every Monday we open up the doors to our Sunlight Room so that parents can come and ask questions around concerns they have, find some peace, grab a hand massage or some essential oils, and most importantly a good cuppa!

This space is an invaluable area of support, parents often feel alone and like they don't know where to turn - these Mondays are a chance for everyone to find the connection that they need in a space that feels safe. Volunteers are an essential part of us being able to afford this service.

Next dates:

Every Monday from September 12th

If you could donate tea, coffee or biscuits for our drop-ins then please do let us know!

Parent & Child Sessions

We are committed to creating sessions that support children's (and parents) emotional education!
Did you know that EQ (emotional intelligence) has been proven to be a greater indicator of long-term outcomes than IQ? When it comes to supporting child mental health a quality emotional education is vital.
Whether your child struggles to understand their anger, is a worrier and experiences lots of anxiety, or maybe they have low self-esteem or struggle with sleep? These sessions are perfect for them. 

They are also PERFECT for parents to access proactively in order to support their child's emotional development. We create these sessions for children of all ages so explore what we have available, both online and in person by checking our BOOK ONLINE page.
We also deliver these online over 4 weeks, parents and children can watch live or access the recording afterwards. 
Please call us on 01332 600827 if you have any questions.

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FREE Resources

We add from our resource bank onto the website regularly to support and aid parents, teachers, counsellors, and social workers conversations with children and young people. 

We create resources on all aspects of emotional health and wellbeing and have dedicated pages on the website where you can download them, as well as a YouTube channel with videos created for children as well as for parents.

Resources on anxiety, sleep, Emotional Literacy, strategies, information leaflets, posters, grief, loss and problem solving to name a few.

Any donations that are made help us in this valuable aspect of our work.


If you can support us in any way then please get in touch. Would you like to sponsor an event? Help us with our free drop-ins or care packages for vulnerable children? We need you, email or call us today.