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Community Projects

At Bridge the Gap we are committed to helping support children in our city to improve long-term outcomes and raise self-esteem and aspirations. We run various community projects to enable us to do this - some are in response to a need that has been highlighted and others are a consistent commitment to a particular cause.

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Care Packages

Every month we distribute approximately 50 care packages to vulnerable children. Some have been nominated by a school, G.P. or social care and these are created to be personal to the individual's needs and concerns. We also create non-specific packages that are full of toys, books and resources to support and ensure that any child who receives one feels loved and knows that they matter. Every child receives a handknitted toy made by one of our excellent volunteer knitters...LOVELY!

If you are a business that would like to support us in this work then please do get in touch - the children need you!

Responsive Support

When a need is identified to us we do our best to respond as quickly as possible. From hygiene poverty to children needing warm coats we will reach out to businesses and our hugely supportive community to ensure that we are doing our bit to support. Our volunteers lovingly go through items and put things together so that we can deliver our collections quickly.

If you would like to donate items for our current project then please get in touch to find out more.


Wellbeing Wednesdays

Every other Wednesday we open up the doors to our Rainbow Room so that parents can come and ask questions around concerns they have, find some peace, grab a hand massage or some essential oils, and most importantly a good cuppa!

This space is an invaluable area of support, parents often feel alone and like they don't know where to turn - these Wednesdays are a chance for everyone to find the connection that they need in a space that feels safe. Volunteers are an essential part of us being able to afford this service.

Next dates:
17th November
1st December
15th December
12th January
26th January

If you could donate tea, coffee or biscuits for our drop-ins then please do let us know!

If you can support us in any way then please get in touch. Would you like to sponsor an event? Help us with our free drop-ins or care packages for vulnerable children? We need you, email or call us today.