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Nikki Webster

Qualified and experienced mental health nurse with additional family therapy and C.B.T training.

Jennifer Wyman

Experienced and highly regarded early years educator and experienced emotional literacy trainer.

Jennifer Wyman - Founder

                               Director and Manager

I've worked and studied within child development for over 22 years, discovering emotional literacy through my role as an early years educator. Through my research and training I began to understand my own children, and the children I worked with, better than ever before; in fact it improved every relationship in my life. Everything I studied and wrote about always came back to the significance of prioritising the three prime areas of development; positive relationships and emotional literacy seemed to underpin these areas in so many different ways.


Along the way I discovered the significance of childhood trauma on the developing brain. Applying strategies based on neuroscience when parenting (and when responding to behaviour) we can help children to reach long-term positive outcomes and protect their mental health and well-being.

​The more I discovered the more I saw the impact that making small changes at home and in school had a positive impact on every child; that's when I founded Bridge the Gap. My training and lived experience gives parents and professionals the chance to explore the science behind the behaviour they see and support at home and school every single day; this understanding empowers teachers and gives them confidence in their pastoral responsibilities.

I am always researching and studying to ensure that our training and courses are up to date with the newest evidence and research. My real life tangible experiences enable me to make this research, and the strategies I promote, easily accessible for every audience.

I have, and still do, love working with children and discussing what mental health actually is - it's something I have found to be incredibly insightful. Children often tell me about mental health illnesses but can struggle to talk about mental health in a proactive way. Using the same ethos as we do when supporting parents and teachers we empower children and young people with  knowledge of emotions and how the brain works to give them a greater understanding of what emotional health and well-being is and how they can support it.

We aim to Bridge the Gap between the theories and research with the practical implementation of strategies that make a difference.


I am a relational activist and have developed simple 'rapport steps' that help fuel positive relationships between schools, parents and teachers.

I invest and value my own emotional health and self-care which is essential when working within this field, the strategies I discuss in training and support groups are strategies that are well researched and have helped me with my own health. I believe passionately that how we currently view mental health is too compartmentalised and that by talking about emotional health early and often we can help give children and young people the tools for long-term positive outcomes - tools that help them to cope with life stresses, grief and disappointment, tools that nurture their emotional intelligence and resilience. 

I also invest in my own continued professional development and am currently working towards a level 4 accredited diploma in counselling.

On a personal note, I have two children (18 and 12) at home with myself , my husband, and an anxious rescue dog called Ruby. I love musicals and sea turtles (as of yet haven't found a combination of the two), have experienced both crippling childhood and adult anxiety over the years and I am committed to making a difference to the children in my city and beyond.

You can find out more about me by keeping up to date with our blog.

Nikki Webster - Director and Senior Mental Health Lead

Hello! I’m Nikki,


I am a qualified mental health nurse and have training in Behavioural Family Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. I have also worked in residential schools for children with autism. I have 13 years’ experience in working with adults and young people in the field of mental health and I am shocked that each year there are more and more children coming into contact with mental health services.

I am so passionate about the need to deliver evidence-based emotional literacy and mental health awareness to our children. Not only because I believe that there is a current crisis in the area of mental health but also to simply support children to develop effective self-care and management of their emotions so that they can go on to live a fulfilled life!


I am thrilled to be a part of Bridge the Gap Child Mental Health in delivering this much needed work, across our city and beyond.

A little about me: I live with my husband and my two children (7 years and 5 years). I love everything outdoors, whatever the season and we are regular campers! I think it is so important to find time to relax and my favourite way to do this is always with a book.

Jennifer Wyman     CYPW 3 (TCC) Birth to 19 Years (500/8887/7)

                                NVQ Early Years Care and Education

                                Elklan Accredited

                                TCC Dedication to Learning Award 2015

                                PolicyBee Insured - Parent Coaching and Emotional Literacy Support

Nikki Webster       BSC Degree Mental Health Nursing (Derby University)

                               Clinical Supervision and Mentorship (Nottingham University)

                               Foundation and Fundamental Skills in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Greater Manchester University)

                               Advanced Cognitive Therapy (Greater Manchester University)

                               Behavioural Family Therapy (Meridian)