I have attended several Bridge the Gap events and workshops (Alone and with my 8 year old son) and always find them to be helpful and reassuring. We have both taken away ideas and skills which help us to cope with the challenges we deal with every day. We often talk about our Bridge the Gap experiences, and it is so good to know that we can contact them at any time, for help, reassurance or signposting to other services. I thoroughly recommend them to anyone!

Lisa Jane

AbsolutelyAMAZING,I'dstillbefeelinglostandhelplessifIhadn'tofmadethemovetoattendtheseworkshops(understandinganxiety,emotionalliteracy,parentwell-being).EachoneIhavetakensomethingawayfromitandhaveevenbeenabletoimplementitintomineandmyfamily'sdailylifetoinvestinourfuture.JenandNikkiaresoinspiring,welcomingandexceptionallyhelpful.Thankyouforsharingthisinformationwithusasparents,sowecanthenhelpourchildren.SomethingIwillbeforevergratefulfor.Pleaseneverstopwhatyou'redoing,it'sfantasticAbsolutelyAMAZING,I'dstillbefeelinglostandhelplessifIhadn'tofmadethemovetoattendtheseworkshops(understandinganxiety,emotionalliteracy,parentwell-being).EachoneIhavetakensomethingawayfromitandhaveevenbeenabletoimplementitintomineandmyfamily'sdailylifetoinvestinourfuture.JenandNikkiaresoinspiring,welcomingandexceptionallyhelpful.Thankyouforsharingthisinformationwithusasparents,sowecanthenhelpourchildren.SomethingIwillbeforevergratefulfor.Pleaseneverstopwhatyou'redoing,it'sfantastic'Absolutely AMAZING, I'd still be feeling lost and helpless if I hadn't of made the move to attend these workshops (understanding anxiety, emotional literacy, parent well-being). Each one I have taken something away from it and have even been able to implement it into mine and my family's daily life to invest in our future. Jen and Nikki are so inspiring, welcoming and exceptionally helpful. Thank you for sharing this information with us as parents, so we can then help our children. Something I will be forever grateful for. Please never stop what you're doing, it's fantastic'

Zoe Sherwing

Mother and a Child

Jennifer Wyman

Parenting is hard, which is why we are here to support you. I've worked with families for over 20 years, holding a safe non-judgmental space for them to explore their child's behaviour, wellbeing and their parenting. I endeavour to empower and support...how I wish I'd of had that when my own children were younger. Please get in touch for an informal chat!


Private Parent Support

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Our Parent & Child Emotional Health Sessions are therapeutic, bonding and help you re-connect, or just open up a new conversation around emotions, feelings, self-esteem, well-being and mental health.


Book us for 5 sessions privately (face-to-face or online) or join us for the group sessions online.

Jennifer Wyman, Parenting Lead



It is hard juggling parenting with work and maintaining a home, add into the mix extra worry regarding your child's well-being it is only natural you might feel overwhelmed, tearful, anxious or low in mood.

Do get in touch should you need support for yourself, we can point you in the right direction and be a friendly ear and voice to support.

Take a look below at some ideas of how to explore how you feel. If at any point you feel like you might want to harm yourself, please know that we care . Visit stayingsafe.net for instant support or call the Samaritans for free on 116 123.

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