Rainbow & Sunshine Membership

So often in our sessions you will hear us talk about the importance of repetition, how just like learning to swim, dance or play football, we need practice to help us learn about how to understand, listen to and respond to our mental health.

This has lead to us creating a unique and excellent value membership scheme - Rainbow & Sunshine Membership.

For just £29.95 a month you get access to every parent webinar and course, as well as access to all of our specially developed programs for children. Over 12 months you will be able to access so much valuable information and support - what difference might that make to your family?

These sessions are currently all delivered online, so the membership is open to everyone, wherever they may be. When we do make the move back to face-to-face delivery, we will continue delivering both online AND in person; giving local members the option of how to utilise their membership.

You will get a MINIMUM of 9 different parent webinars a year and you can engage with us live, or watch them on demand afterwards.

You gain access to our popular 3 week parent course, 'Supporting your Child's Mental Health' - we'll even post out the course book to your home address.

Our fantastic parent & child emotional literacy sessions, enable you to learn, explore and grow together. This 7-week program helps open up conversation around emotions and mental health; and don't worry, we'll post out all the resources you need to your home address, no need to worry about printing sheets out!

'Understanding Emotions & Boosting Self-esteem', is a 4-week program, that is run by our community mental health practitioners; children attend these sessions with their video on. These are delivered to small groups of 6 at a time,  we will send out the resources they need to engage fully with the activities.

Fun with feelings is an after school program that will be delivered online, your child can attend as many times as they want throughout the year. Sessions are around 45 minutes long and consist of an Emotional Literacy based story, fun activity and video. 

What about you? Our 7-week A.C.T therapy program for adults, gives you the time that YOU need to be able to explore and support your own mental health and well-being. Delivered by accredited A.C.T therapist and senior mental health lead, Nikki Webster.

What else?

You get both an adult and child mini relaxation kit,  a monthly message of support to your child, (posted on our 'print of the month' postcards). We will also send out a support pack to a vulnerable child, on your behalf.

Finally you also gain access to our members only area where we will share extra resources and video content with you.

The membership has a total value of over £800!

*Links are for members only, and registration will be required to gain access, we can then check details against our register. Any member found to be sharing their links with others will be contacted and membership will be under review. This is in order to protect and sustain our service. Our courses, resources and sessions have taken years to develop, the value of this work should always be considered and respected. If you know somebody who needs the support, please let them contact us and we will support them in the ways that are accessible to them. Please read full details and terms and conditions here.

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