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Emotional Education! ​

Emotional education is something we all need but something few of us have ever had...how I wish I'd of known more about emotions and well-being when I was younger, it would have helped me (and my parents) a lot sooner. A good quality of emotional education should be accessible to everyone which is why we created this membership plan, it makes it accessible and, of course, fun. Building authentic resilience and self-esteem is vital for children's ability to navigate this modern world and we are here to help!

For children to have a good sense of emotional understanding and resilience they need a lot of repetition; we call this the ‘drip, drip, drip’ approach. 

Please find out more about our membership below and don't hesitate to email membership@jwbridgethegap.com with any questions. Our whole team are looking forward to supporting you and if you decide to utilise your 25% discount on parent support I might just see you either in person or online as well, I do love holding a space for you to chat through concerns and offer ideas and strategies.

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Jennifer Wyman


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