Rainbow & Sunshine Membership

Supporting mental health in children and supporting family’s wellbeing means covering lots of different areas, from behaviour, sleep, worry, growth mindset, gratitude, screen time and social media to physical development, anxiety, and Emotional Literacy - this takes time.  

For children to have a good sense of emotional understanding and resilience they need a lot of repetition; we call this the ‘drip, drip, drip’ approach. 

When the pandemic started, we got thinking as to how we could continue to create a sense of community where we could share all this information with both parents and children over a longer time frame, giving the repetition needed to improve long-term outcomes; this is when we came up with the Rainbow & Sunshine Membership. 

It’s adapted and evolved, and we are now incredibly happy with our offering and delivery of the sessions included. 

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*Links are for members only, and registration will be required to gain access, we can then check details against our register. Any member found to be sharing their links with others will be contacted and membership will be under review. This is in order to protect and sustain our service. Our courses, resources and sessions have taken years to develop, the value of this work should always be considered and respected. If you know somebody who needs the support, please let them contact us and we will support them in the ways that are accessible to them. Please read full details and terms and conditions here.

Registered number: 12191993

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