Rainbow & Sunshine Membership

So often in our sessions you will hear us talk about the importance of repetition, how just like learning to swim, dance or play football, we need practice to help us learn about how to understand, listen to and respond to our mental health.

This has lead to us creating a unique and excellent value membership scheme - Rainbow & Sunshine Membership.

For just £29.95 a month you get access all our LIVE online sessions and their recordings.

Access to our online parent course titled - Supporting your Child's Mental Health

Six session online ACT therapy sessions

After school Emotional Literacy based Sunshine Club

Bedtime online mindfulness and relaxation sessions

These sessions are currently all delivered online, so the membership is open to everyone, wherever they may be. 

What else?

You get both an adult and child mini relaxation kit,  a monthly message of support to your child, (posted on our 'print of the month' postcards). We will also send out a support pack to a vulnerable child, on your behalf.

*Links are for members only, and registration will be required to gain access, we can then check details against our register. Any member found to be sharing their links with others will be contacted and membership will be under review. This is in order to protect and sustain our service. Our courses, resources and sessions have taken years to develop, the value of this work should always be considered and respected. If you know somebody who needs the support, please let them contact us and we will support them in the ways that are accessible to them. Please read full details and terms and conditions here.

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