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This digital booklet by Fiona Holiday, play therapist, explains how our brains, bodies and minds work together to keep us safe.


Taking the polyvagal theory as a starting point, it uses the metaphor of landscapes and maps to help us explore how we feel when we are in a place of “fight or flight” or “freeze”.


It is intended to make these ideas accessible to older children and adults so that they can talk together about what might be happening when they experience different ways of being in the world.


By purchasing the book you are also helping to support our much needed charitable organisation and the valuable work that we do - THANK YOU! Fiona Holiday is kindly donating 50p of every purchase to Bridge the Gap.


If you enjoy it then please direct your friends to the website so they can also purchase a copy, please don't share the download as every penny helps to keep us thriving.

The search for Safety - A map to help us find our way

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