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Dead Or Alive 3 Pc Game Free Download Full Version




The game features ninjas Kasumi and Ryu Hayabusa as the main protagonists, who take place in a fictional world, where an organization named Wuhan is trying to recover the weapon "Immortal" from the ninjas and the world's premier fighting organization, the Shadaloo. Contents The game is set in a fictional feudal China during the Ming dynasty. The story centers around the two heroes named Kasumi and Ryu Hayabusa, who have been hired by an organization called the Great Wave Society to infiltrate and steal the "Immortal" weapon from the island-fortress Wuhan. The main objective of the game involves the retrieval of a magical sword called the "Immortal" that, once wielded by a distant ancestor of Kasumi, was passed down through the family. The "Immortal" sword is supposedly a relic of great power, but the heir's departure without it left the society leaderless. As such, the leader of the Great Wave Society, the demon Shun'ei, is now in the business of trying to obtain the "Immortal" sword for his own purposes. Kasumi, a 16-year-old girl of Japanese descent, is the protagonist of the game. Her mother, an ancestor of Ryu Hayabusa, took Kasumi in as a baby after her father abandoned the family to participate in the Great Wave Society's assassination of the emperor. In a past mission, Ryu, who is Ryu Hayabusa, left Kasumi's mother after she was kidnapped by Shun'ei. During the events of the game, Ryu and Kasumi team up to search for the "Immortal" sword. While Ryu searches for the sword, Kasumi is pursued by Shun'ei. Ryu then travels to Wuhan, and is tasked with finding a mysterious sword, the "Missing Sword", to help with the retrieval of the "Immortal" sword. After Ryu finds the "Missing Sword", Shun'ei kidnaps Kasumi. Ryu then defeats Shun'ei and Kasumi escapes with the sword. After the retrieval of the sword, Ryu is pursued by Shun'ei, who takes the sword and kidnaps Ryu. Ryu is rescued by Kasumi, and Shun'ei uses the "Immortal" sword to awaken the monster Ouroboros. As a result, the "Immortal" sword is split into two halves, and Kasumi uses the missing half to revive the "Immortal" sword




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Dead Or Alive 3 Pc Game Free Download Full Version

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