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ONLINE Exploring Anger - OCTOBER

4 ONLINE sessions for parents & children to explore anger & strategies

  • Started 5 Oct
  • 25 British pounds

Service Description

A quality emotional education can make a huge improvement to child mental health, the more we understand our emotions then the better placed we are to recognise and move through them. How many of us have ever flipped our lids and then on reflection have discovered something quieter underneath? Behaviours when angry can add shame and close the doors of communication, these sessions help to keep it open, or even push it back ajar! These sessions should be completed in a safe space, with a completely non-judgmental approach. The sessions will have information, videos and then have time for activities and questions. What will you need? Paper and coloured pencils/pens. What will we explore? What anger is and what happens in our brain when we feel angry. What is underneath our anger. What anger feels like! The positive aspect of anger. Strategies for when we start to feel angry and when we are recovering from an outburst. Cameras and microphones are off so that all children can explore privately. These sessions will be recorded and then sent out after LIVE delivery, they will then be available for 3 days. If you have any questions about the sessions then please call us on 01332 600827.