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Staff Training and Teacher/Pupil Support


We can deliver whole school or small group staff training on the following:


Half day - 'Understanding Behaviour'

Half day - 'Emotional Literacy'

Full Day - 'Supporting School Mental Health' (Teacher and Pupil)

Half Day - 'Supporting Teacher Mental Health'

Half Day or Full Day - 'Supporting Pupil Mental Health'

Half Day or Full Day - 'Becoming Trauma Informed'

Training Hour - 'The Power of Positive Relationships'

                            'Emotional Literacy in the Classroom'


All of the above training sessions are developed to support and scaffold each other, for example, 'Understanding Behaviour' is a great workshop to put together with 'Supporting Pupil Mental Health', equally you can have different workshops throughout the year which would ensure all staff have an excellent understanding of child development, emotional development, trauma, behaviour and, of course, mental health and well-being.


We also offer training on specific aspects of child mental health, these are 3 hour workshops and we currently cover:


  • Anxiety

  • Self-harm

  • Social Media


We also have a 2 hour workshop entitled 'Bridging the Gap Between Home and School' this a workshop facilitation to help schools create effective communication system between themselves and the families of their pupils - this improves the mental well-being of the pupils themselves.


We are able to train a small group of 'Change Champions' in Emotional Literacy in order for you to be able to offer effective early intervention to those children who are struggling to engage in learning, or who are experiencing transitions or trauma.


We are able to deliver both 1:1 Emotional Literacy sessions and clinical support for pupils who do not currently meet the threshold for other services. This could be a child experiencing symptoms of anxiety, O.C.D, low mood or who seems disengaged and disconnected form school or home - please speak to us about individual cases so that we can best advise on appropriate support.

Our popular course 'Supporting Your Child's Mental Health' is a three week course for parents that we run privately, we also deliver this for schools for up to ten parents at a time.


We offer clinical supervision for teachers and in the next 12 months we also hope to be offering counselling for teachers as a donation only service.

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Lesson Plans

Supporting Staff Mental Health

Bridge the Gap have researched and developed a 3 hour session on supporting staff mental health and well-being (this is suitable for all organisations), we can also facilitate a workshop helping senior leaders to develop an effective support system for supporting the mental health and well-being of their staff. 

Please contact us for more information.

Trauma Training

What is trauma and how does it impact the developing brain? How can we create an environment in school that supports children who have experienced trauma? 

All schools will have children who have experienced trauma, and the school environment for these children can exasperate problems that occur as a result. 

We offer sensible, practical training that allows your school and it's environment to become more trauma informed. This enhances engagement and improves outcomes for all children.

I would strongly recommend Jennifer for CPD on emotional literacy and supporting children's mental health. She is extremely knowledgeable and able to bravely share her own experiences and the impact trauma in childhood can have on an individual later in life. Lots of strategies were shared to enable immediate implementation. Jennifer was extremely easy to talk to and offered advice when asked. 'Relationships equal connection'; Jennifer definitely connected with her audience!

Paula Baines-Chambers 

Principal Ashwood Spencer Academy