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At Bridge The Gap we provide a range of services for children, young people, schools and their families. We work in a relationship focused way helping families to feel safe, seen, empowered and valued. Whether it's our fantastic online membership, the school platform or more private support, our practitioners and qualified professionals can provide one-to-one and group sessions in safe environments that suit individual needs.

Group sessions can be booked online and take place at our hub on Friar Gate, Derby. These cover a range of topics and are a safe space. Children (and adults) feel nervous when trying something new and meeting new people, we allow for these nerves and help the children to move through them; no child is forced to join in. You can bring your child to see the space and meet some of the team before starting.

The online sessions are accessible through our membership package, we run a different group for children each month as well as having access to weekly online after school sessions, monthly postcards of support, welcome pack and lots of parent support for you!

We also offer regular fun craft sessions and so much more, please call 01332 600827 or email if you would like further information or to book an assessment call. 

You can self-refer into our private 1:1 service, or schools and G.P's can do it for you. We then arrange a telephone assessment with a member of our team to ensure that we are recommending the right pathway for support. Our practitioners also work with schools who fund us to go and support a child over a 12 + week period. If play therapy is deemed to be an appropriate next step then a separate assessment will be made by the play therapist.


Assessment calls are £25 and last between 30 minutes to an hour.


If we know of any funded or free support available we will always inform you and share the details.

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