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Support for Children and Young People


Emotional Health Workshops - An interactive 3 hour session exploring emotions and the concept of emotional health in a fun and creative way. Children attend with a parent carer which creates opportunity to bond and talk about different emotions. We also look at coping strategies, how physical health supports how we feel and how practising gratitude can help support a positive mindset. 

For more information on these workshops see our testimonials and gallery. Please visit our Eventbrite page and subscribe to our mailing list to be kept up to date with dates available.

1:1 Clinical Support - We are able to offer support to children and young people who don't currently meet the threshold for other services; delivered by our highly regarded and experienced director and mental health nurse Nikki Webster. If your child is struggling to manage their anxiety, O.C.D, is self-harming or is experiencing a persistent low mood then please do email nwbridgethegap@outlook.com for more information. This service is available for parents and schools.

1:1 Emotional Literacy SessionsEmotional Literacy is a key component in nurturing emotional intelligence and helps children to develop a good understanding of emotions and ways of expressing them. This non therapeutic approach is a safe way to explore emotions and enrich children's understanding of what feelings and emotions are. Sessions can be used as a form of early intervention as well as in a proactive way to support children's long-term outcomes. Delivered by our highly regarded and experienced director Jennifer Wyman who has over 22 years experience working within early years and beyond; she is an expert in the field of emotional literacy. Please email jwbridgethegap@outlook.com for more information. This service is available for both parents and schools.

Lessons and assemblies for children and young peopleBridge the Gap are able to come into schools to deliver one off workshops on aspects of mental health and emotions, whether that is exploring underneath the 'Anger Iceberg' or talking about anxiety and gratitude we are able to deliver a session in an interactive way and in a safe and non judgemental environment.

We also deliver schemes of work to pupil's. All lessons are an hour and we cover topics such as 'Being Kind', 'Understanding Anxiety', 'Self-esteem', 'Gratitude' and 'Anger'. We passionately believe that there is always a why behind children's behaviour and these sessions and workshops create opportunity to support pupils and help build resilience and self-esteem.

Assemblies are a fantastic opportunity for schools to deliver information to pupil's on mental health, using experienced professionals ensures that the correct language is used and safe advice is given. Schools have so much on their agendas with mental health that accessing professional support ensures that children are delivered the most up to date advice available. Please email enquirybridgethegap@outlook.com for more details.

Small Group Support for Children and You