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Building Skyscrapers

Our prime areas of learning and development are the foundations of who we are and how we function, children need strong foundations in order to be able to build effectively on top with more specific areas. Children may start with strong foundations but life happens and this can cause cracks to form so it’s important to revisit those foundations and underpin them. Many children are entering schools with weaker foundations than ever before...why? Sending summer born children to school without the extra time in pre-school or at home, less time playing and exploring independently which allows time to figure things out for themselves (without Mum or Dad stepping in), and so much screen time are just a few of the reasons why. Our brains still need the same experiences and connections that they always have done in order to develop effectively, yet life has changed dramatically over the past 25 years. The decline in children’s mental health tells us that more focus must be put on these prime areas of development through our parenting and teaching, because when foundations are strong and deep you can build skyscrapers on top.

an build skyscrapers on top.

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