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Joy Needs Sadness

This video got played a lot in the early days of Bridge the Gap and I still love it. It's a wonderful representation of the importance of sadness, these two emotions can't exist without each other, they complement each other.

Sadness has so much more to do than overriding joy - sadness forms part of that gut instinct I bang on about all the time!

We don't have to try and ensure our children feel happy all the time, the learning that comes with the more difficult emotions is so vital for long-term mental health and well-being.

Riley shows her vulnerability and sadness, and it brings those she loves around her for support. Sadness helps her to realise that she wants to go home on the bus. Sadness no longer needs to be kept inside that circle. How many of us as parents have tried to keep our children's sadness inside a small, manageable space?

Only when we own our emotions can we process them and move forwards.

Helping children recognise and acknowledge all of their feelings is an important role we play as parents, teachers and caregivers.

'Sadness, they came because of sadness.'

Joy realises that she needs sadness

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