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Walking the Walk With Parents

“Most potential mental health problems will not become mental health problems if we respond to them early.” InBrief: Early Childhood Mental Health

This is so true, early intervention is so important when it comes to any illness or disorder, but what do you do if the early intervention support isn't there.

It breaks my heart every day to read the messages from parents in my inbox. Each parent so desperately concerned for their child's emotional well-being and are feeling like they have nowhere to turn.

I really do understand how hard that is.

My social media and blog is not my business, they are here to support parents, teachers, health care workers and care givers. My hope is that it enables people to feel less alone and helps the ripple effect of change. They are also here to raise awareness of Emotional Literacy and how being PROACTIVE with our child's emotional development is so important for their long-term outcomes.

We are told of the mental health crisis all the time but how can we make a difference? The good news is we all can.

Compassion, and with it empathy, as a skill set to bring it to life. Connection.

I walked away from my job to set up Bridge the Gap and I laid my stall down very early on; I must do something; and I will never stop trying to help facilitate change and support parents who feel alone.

I try to respond to all messages, as momentum builds it becomes harder, which is why I now charge for personalised email consultations, but I try to reply to everyone and share resources, podcasts or videos that I think will help.

I can feel quite helpless at times but I would like to think that many parents feel like I'm walking the walk with them. This is why every share, like and comment matters - it helps these resources and posts to reach more people, to help more people and to raise more awareness.

Please know that behind my social media is a busy lady, working like mad, studying, researching, making noise and knocking on doors to help evoke change for all children, because EVERY CHILD MATTERS.

Thank you for being part of this army for change, your support is so appreciated and your messages spur me on.

Onward and upwards we go! 🌈💚

Bridging the Gap - Supporting Child Mental Health in Derby

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