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International Women's Day

International Women's Day.

It means so much to so may of us, for many different reasons.

It's for every woman who has to struggle for sanitary protection, equality and experiences sexual exploitation all over the world.

It's for me to remember every woman in history who has paved the way for me to have the life I do, and enabled me to raise my children in a world that they believe their worth is not based on their gender.

It's for me to remember, in awe, the incredible women in my family who have gone through so much and have helped create a family that we can cherish. It makes me remember my Granny, and the strength she demonstrated in the face of trauma and loss.

It's a time for me to thank all the women who have shown their vulnerability in order to help other women.

It's a day where I think about the daughter I am raising and the value I want her to have of herself. It's a day to be grateful of the man I married, who demonstrates every day to our children how to treat women, and how women should expect to be treated.

Today I remember women in my life who have raised me up when I have needed to be lifted, and who have impacted my life for the better by their words, teaching and generosity of spirit. This International Women's day I am thankful to be a woman and I send love to all of you.

Let's continue to raise each other up with love and supportive spirit.


Brene Brown
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