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The Community Model

I had a lovely morning meeting Angela, Emily and co from Hannah Fields Community Garden in Littleover., we (obviously) had to start off with a warming cuppa at The Tea Cosy (the local tea shop) then we headed to the field so I could be shown around.

It was so exciting to hear about plans for the field and see how much hard work has gone into creating such a special space for the community of Littleover already. As a child I used to visit the paddock with my Nan on her visits and feed apples from our garden to the horses, it always felt so magical to me that there was this 'village' I now lived in. Over the last thirty years the feel of the village has changed but recently I have felt the heart of it returning.

With leaders of Hannah Fields Community (it's called Hannah Fields as that was the name on the original deeds - lovely) coming from a mental health background they understand the benefits that getting involved with nature can bring, it’s being proactive about emotional health and well-being and I LOVED it!!

Very excited to soon be able to have FREE drop in sessions at the fields so that people can access support for their child’s emotional development and health. I will be there to listen and empower as well as lending emotional literacy books and resources.

Keep posted to be kept up to date with details. Together, as a community, we really CAN make a huge difference to the mental health of our children.

It can get frustrating, wanting to have a positive impact on children's emotional health and development, and having to balance that with earning a crust, it's something I've struggled with since day one of Bridge the Gap. Bridge the Gap was not created for profit, but to be able to reach people and empower them with information that helps them make a difference to their child's lives, and their own. I am always beavering away in the background, brainstorming ways that I can do this, in order to have a wider impact; with that in mind, things are constantly evolving, and I'm so excited for the next evolution.

At the start of this year I wrote targets for Bridge the Gap in 2019 and the word on the top of that list was COMMUNITY, in fact, it was the only thing on my list. Things are moving and I'm excited but here's the thing - I NEED YOU. I need YOU to spread the word about Bridge the Gap so people can access the new free support I'm offering. I need YOU to let your friends know about me so that they can hear about other amazing projects in the community that can help, and support them. I need YOU to help me make a difference to the children in OUR community.

Please like the Bridge the Gap and Hannah Fields Facebook page, to keep notified of opening times and developments - even if you don’t live in Derby, maybe it will inspire you to create something in your own communities.

I talk about the ripple effect a lot but I feel like by working as a collective team, we can really make waves.

Hannah Fields Community Garden

Hannah Fields Community Garden

Hannah Fields Community Garden

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