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Easter Activity Ideas

So I saw a lovely post from my friend Sarah on Facebook and I thought it was such a wonderful, grounding idea I had to share it with you all. Sarah is the founder of the charity Borderline Arts so she's always posting things that make me think and get my creativity flowing!

I've made an Easter treasure hunt activity for you all to download and enjoy at the end of this post; I hope you enjoy it! (If the link in doesn't work in this post then please access through our FREE RESOURCES page) Email me if you have any problems downloading.

'Little photo collage from my colour hunt walk this evening! It’s a colourful world out there! 🌷🌼🌹🌸🍀🌈'

A grounding Colour Walk by Sarah, founder of Borderline Arts

Sarah also said that sometimes she does this looking for different things with one specific colour. These are both wonderful grounding activities for adults, but also for children. You could come back and paint the colours you saw, print photos and make collages to frame and display, make lists of what you saw - the possibilities are endless.

Being outside, smelling different scents, listening for environmental sounds and seeing different colours are all wonderful ways to introduce grounding to children; it's a proactive way to support emotional health. If you find yourself bored this Easter Holiday then take inspiration from Sarah and go colour hunting.

What other easy activities could you be doing with your child this Easter? Hopefully you find some more inspiration below.

Chalk Drawing on the driveway. Small bits of chalk are great for children as it helps the development of their pincer grip, you can even get egg shaped chalks from Tiger, what's not to love about that?

Easter Chalk Drawings

The classic Easter garden, I used to LOVE making these, in fact writing this post has inspired me to do one this weekend. You can use anything, make it however you like. I think I'll venture to get an old plant pot and plant some bedding plants amongst mine, add a few decorative eggs etc and just enjoy the act of creating it.

Easter Garden Ideas

Finally, why not enjoy this Easter Treasure Hunt that I've created. I've always enjoyed making and completing these hunts and love hearing and seeing the children's excitement!

Wishing you all a very blessed and Happy Easter.

Warm wishes,


Easter Treasure Hunt FREE Download

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