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Behind 'Bridge the Gap'

Founder and Director of Bridge the Gap.

Hello 👋

I’ve had a lot of new people join the ‘Bridge the Gap’ family over the past few weeks and so I thought it was time to pop on and introduce myself again.

My name is Jennifer and I come from an early years background, so I have studied and worked within child development for over 20 years. I founded Bridge the Gap in 2017 so I could pursue my passion for Emotional Literacy and development and it has taken me on quite the journey!

I am passionate about children’s mental health and believe wholeheartedly in the importance of being proactive about it and seeing the significance in joining the dots that makes the bigger picture on this current mental health crisis.

Personally, I am a 40 year old Mum of 2. My eldest is about to turn 18 and my youngest is 11 and I’m married to a pretty awesome bloke who is a huge support. In fact, when I first had the conversation, “I want to leave my job to make a difference, I don’t think I’ll make much money”, he didn’t falter. He supported my passions and dreams and for that I’m very grateful; I aspire to always support my children in that same way.

So I walked away from a regular income but walked into a world I could of never imagined! Website development, marketing, social media, researching, developing and public speaking, it was quite the change.

I’ve learnt that vulnerability takes courage, you can’t have one without the other and although I’m always worried about putting myself out there I continue to do it because I believe in the cause.

I have experienced anxiety disorders as a child and as an adult, I have struggled and continue to struggle with my physical health and I understand how intrinsically linked they both are. The more we all talk about these issues without shame the more it really WILL be okay not to be okay; for us and our children. People are afraid to speak as they feel it may change how people view them, they fear people may think they’re less competent but I’m here to say that professional and lived experience come together more often than they don’t.

Dreams? Yes! An emotional health clinic in the heart of my community offering Emotional Literacy sessions, alternative therapies, counselling, courses, training services and art and play therapy. I want to train others to offer services under the Bridge the Gap umbrella so they can offer this service in their own communities, having a positive impact on society and the health of our children and young people nationally.

So that’s me, please feel free to tell me about you too!

Be kind to yourselves,


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