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Good Enough

A guest post from Jennifer's daughter

Be yourself, don’t try and exceed society’s expectations because they are unrealistic! You were put on this earth to be you, not to be anyone else.

Everyone is beautiful and it doesn’t matter whether it is on the inside, or outside, what matters is that you are you, and please don’t change.

Everything you see on social media is fake nothing is real, all of the influencers edit their photos to make themselves look ‘perfect’ but what is perfect? I can tell you no one is perfect, we are all human, we are who we are, and should never be afraid to show our natural selves!

A friend from a long time ago made me self conscious, because my smile wasn’t right or i was too skinny. I tried to copy her because I thought that is what i needed to do, but all you need to do in life is be yourself. She told me I had to edit my photos otherwise i wouldn’t be pretty, so from then on my smile was fake, the happiness i put on the internet was fake. Up until now i thought that I wasn’t good enough because of one person. We are all good enough. If you start comparing yourself to others you will never realise that your own beauty is amazing.

When I was younger I put on makeup everyday for school, not because I wanted to but because I felt pressured into putting a full face of makeup on everyday, when I didn’t even need it. Yesterday I went on a walk and it sounds cliché, but it changed my whole look on life.

If you want to climb that tree do it. If you want to dress a certain way do it. Don’t let anyone take away from who you are because you are perfect already💗


Aged 12 years

Imperfectly Perfect

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