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Strategies & Activities

This page is full of ideas to help children to learn tools to cope with difficult emotions and situations, low self-esteem support, colouring and important reminders for us as parents and professionals too! Take some time to explore what's available and get in touch if you can't find what you need. 

If you scroll to the bottom of this page you will find resources for supporting adults.

Don't forget we also have online learning and courses available, click on the image below to go to our online platform.

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If you are worried about a child or pupil it can be helpful to make a safety plan together. Try and do this in a relaxed environment when the young person feels calm and allow them a 'third place' to go to during the process; items such as fidget toys, a doodle pad and pencil, a scented ribbon to smell and fiddle, a grounding stone, blue-tack, or a squishy can help.

Please find two separate versions of a safety plan below, these are free to download. Click on the image to view with the young person and then download the suitable plan and print and complete.

Version 1 (1).jpg
Version 1 (2).jpg

mental health for adults

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