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Supporting an Anxious Child

An online course for parents


Anxiety is a normal, biological response to scary situations, it has kept humans alive for thousands of years. That little 'internal alarm' goes off when we need to run (flight), stay still (freeze) or fight; these are sometimes known as the 3 F's. We can also go into other modes in these situations such as 'submit' or 'flop'.


This internal alarm is great, but just like a smoke alarm, sometimes it can go off for a bit of burnt toast instead of a fire.

Anxiety isn't an easy sensation to experience but the more we understand it, the better we get at re-setting our alarm. 

We can also get anxiety mixed up with other emotions such as worry or overwhelm, the more we learn about emotions the more we discover what they feel like, why we feel them and find ways to sit with them until the moment has passed.

At Bridge the Gap we help parents and children learn more about anxiety and other emotions. We do this through private 1:1 support, parent and child sessions, creative expressive therapies, ACT therapy and small group sessions. We can deliver these both online and in person at our family wellbeing hub.

There are plenty of free resources on this website to help you as well s videos on our Facebook groups and YouTube channel.

Supporting an Anxious Child Webinar

A pre-recorded session is available to watch now here.

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Videos to watch together

Age 5 +

Age 12 +

FREE Downloads

What is Worry
A worksheet for children and young people to help them to understand their worry.
Anxiety Help
Anxiety explained and ideas to help.
49 Phrases to Calm an Anxious Child
From the amazing team at - 49 alternatives to 'fix it' statements.
When I feel Worried Activity Sheet
An activity, colouring sheet to help children to explore where they feel worry and anxiety.
When I feel Worried Activity Sheet
lp your child to explore where and how they feel their anxiety and worry.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Grounding
Help children to support this grounding strategy in a proactive way, this helps them to be able to access it in times of crisis.
Grounding Techniques
Poster explaining ways to practice grounding to soothe anxiety.
Actual or Future Based Worry
Helping children to understand what kind of worry they have helps them to understand if they can problem solve it or need to utilise a coping strategy.
The Worry Tree
The Worry Tree can help a child to work out which there worry is.
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