Anxiety is a normal, biological response to scary situations, it has kept humans alive for thousands of years. That little 'internal alarm' goes off when we need to run (flight), stay still (freeze) or fight; these are sometimes known as the 3 F's. We can also go into other modes in these situations such as 'submit' or 'flop'.


This internal alarm is great, but just like a smoke alarm, sometimes it can go off for a bit of burnt toast instead of a fire.

Anxiety isn't an easy sensation to experience but the more we understand it, the better we get at re-setting our alarm. 

We can also get anxiety mixed up with other emotions such as worry or overwhelm, the more we learn about emotions the more we discover what they feel like, why we feel them and find ways to sit with them until the moment has passed.

At Bridge the Gap we help parents and children learn more about anxiety and other emotions. We do this through big 'Emotional Health Workshops' and smaller group 1 hour sessions; these are for children and parents to come to together. We also run a 4 week programme just for children called 'Understanding Emotions and Boosting Self-esteem'. All of these sessions are organised by age categories, please get in touch for information.

We also offer a 3 hour workshop 'Understanding Anxiety'. This is for parents to come and learn more about what anxiety is and how to support children who are struggling with this feeling.

1:1 Parent  and clinical support is also available.

Copy of Supporting an Anxious Child (5).

Our popular parent workshop in an interactive online session - the next recording takes place on Wenesday 12th August at 19:00pm


Understanding anxiety, how it presents in children and discovering empowering knowledge and tools that helps to support you both. 

Our last pre-recorded session is available to watch now here.



What is Worry_ (1).png
49 Phrases to Calm an Anxious Child (2).
Help children to identify how their worries feel i their bodies. A 2 page download, strategy flower included on the second page.
Grounding Poster
Free anxiety download - Fight response
Free activity for anxiety FREEZE response
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Grounding (11).png
Help children identify ho their worries feel in their bodies. Has a flower to explore coping strategies as well. A 2 heet download.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Grounding Exercise.png
Free anxiety activity download
Actual Worry Or Future Based Worry_ (1).
Helping children to work out what isa 'what if' worry and what is an actual worry.
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