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Back to School 12 Page Booklet for Children
A 12 page booklet for children to fill in and read, helping you to have conversation and explore different coping strategies.
Brainstem Calmers Website
When we are struggling with anxiety, anger or excitement then doing regular brainstem calmers can help us to manage these feelings. Here are examples of some activities that can easily be weaved into the day.
Grounding Scavenger Hunt
A lovely scavenger hunt for the walk to or from school, and a brilliant activity for weekend adventures with the family.
Ways to Practice Grounding
Grounding helps us to feel safe, calm, soothed and regulated. Signs we are ungrounded can be feeling irritable, unfocused or fatigued. This poster shares different ways to practice grounding, why not put it up to remind yourself - even the images are calming.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Grounding
When practiced over time this technique can help us to feel safe again when anxiety hits, or helps to bring us back to the present when worrying about the future. Why not take this on a walk to use it in a proactive way?
Guided Imagery
Guided Imagery can help us to relax and feel safe, it can also help us to sleep. In order for guided imagery to work we need to think about a special place and practice 'visiting' it. This sheet helps you to think about your own special place.
Mindfulness for Children
Mindfulness helps us to focus on the present and the little things in life. These exercises are some lovely ways to introduce mindfulness to children.
Breathing Exercise for Children. These can be purchased as a flip book from our online shop.
Breathing, simple but effective. In order to be able to use breathing exercise at times of stress or overwhelm, we must practice them regularly.
A wonderful easy and mindful bake - Jam Buns.
Baking can be a lovely way to relax, unwind and practice a bit of mindfulness. This bake is sensory, easy and absolutely delicious! A family recipe of our founder Jennifer.
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Relaxation Kits
Create a relaxation kit for yourself and one for your child, do it together and set reminders to step away and relax. There is an accompanying video on our YouTube channel.
Self-esteem heart
Sometimes we can find it hard to be kind to ourselves and remember all of the things that make us ourselves! Explore this, draw pictures, doodle, draw or add stickers and photos. Have fun and remember how amazing you are!
Self-esteem Balloons - Sentence Starters
Boost your self-esteem with this sheet of balloons...answer the questions and decorate. Why not get both child and grown up to complete and fill on in for each other as well. Add it to the wall to remind yourself how amazing you are!
Self Esteem Activity Sheet
Put yourself in the centre with some keywords that you would use to describe yourself. Fill the shapes around the outside by thinking about how you
identify and what's important to you.
If you find this hard, don't worry - it can be difficult to be kind to ourselves, that's why practicing is so
Gardening Wordsearch
The repetitive, rhythmic scanning of a word search can help to calm our busy minds. They're Jennifer's favourite!
Colouring Sheet - Garden Themed
Colouring is a popular way to relax, this easy to colour sheet can help you to relax. Use whatever colours you feel drawn to, get creative and just do what feels right at the time. If you struggle with things being perfect, why not try going out of the lines a little. There can be beauty in the imperfect too!
Garden activity cards
From the flower ice garden, to making your own bird feeder, these activities can help to reconnect you back with nature and help you to let go of feelings of anxiety. Which is your favourite? We'd love to see your photos!
Picture garden scavenger hunt
ask someone to hide the pictures around the garden or house then take your tick list around with you to find them. Don't forget to answer the questions!
Would you Rather
Fun conversation starters to help maintain or build positive relationships in your family.
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Calming Christmas

Elf Squad Mission
Do you choose to accept this mission? Developed by Occupational Therapist Laura Adamson, help reduce anxiety levels with this fun and grounding activity.
Christmas grounding board
A lovely idea thats really good for grounding and using our senses. Getting us outdoors too and supporting us to practice mindfulness; all very good for wellbeing
accordian christmas trees
Enjoy some crafting. Grounding and mindful activity creating these beautiful trees
Reindeer Cake
Look at this amazing creation by Olly!

Incredible Christmas baking, we love it here at Bridge the Gap. Anyone else been Christmas baking yet or used our recipes? Baking is incredibly grounding and soothing, brilliant for wellbeing.
Don't Compare
Social media use...who are you following, does the content make you feel good? If not, unfollow!

Try not to compare; you are on your own path and you are wonderful just as YOU are. 💚🌈

For further information on the impact of social media on your mental health, join our webinar in January to explore coping strategies to support you and your child/teen/young person.
Make your own snow globe
Lovely idea to do over this weekend, beautiful activity to help children practice mindfulness, grounding and boosting self esteem 💚🌈
Create a 'menu' for Christmas eve_day Gr
Create a Christmas menu that supports your child wellbeing - it doesn't need to be on Christmas day, you could create one for any day throughout the year.
Christmas Grounding Stones
Wonderful Riley age 9....

Creating stone patterns 💚🌈

These can be Christmassy or just a pretty pattern but what a lovely relaxing and grounding activity, incredibly helpful for our mental health and wellbeing 🎄

Thank you Riley
Christmas colouring Advent
We love colouring here at Bridge the Gap, take some time to calm a frantic mind with this free colouring download.
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