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the hope project

Bridge the Gap Child Mental Health C.I,C. run a private and subsidised 1:1 emotional support service for children and young people, we also deliver free community support by recruiting and training volunteers who can offer a safe space for children to process emotions and learn that support isn't scary. Most importantly it tells them that their city cares about them, they matter, they are loved, they are not alone.

There are many children that we see that require 1:1 support, but through no fault of their own are unable to access our unique long-term, relationship focused support. We want you to help us change that. Derby City is seeing above average incidents of child suicide and self-harm and low social mobility, we believe that as a city, by working together, we can change that. We can help all children to get the right kind of support at the right time, in the right place.

As a business owner being able to tell customers and clients that you support child mental health in Derby gives you a unique selling point but most importantly it shows them that you are a business who cares.

We are determined to change the statistics that exist around child's outcomes in our city, we know you want to do that too. Please get in touch today to find out the numerous ways that you can get involved with our incredible organisation.

Let's change lives forever, together

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We are a mental health organisation dedicated to providing innovative and comprehensive services to children and their families. With a focus on raising awareness, connecting families to resources, and advocating for change, Bridge the Gap strives to make a positive impact on the lives of young people.


Download our Hope Project' brochure to learn more about how your business can get involved. Let's arrange a time to chat and see how we can work together to bridge the gap and make a difference forever, together.

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sponsor a room

Have a therapeutic room with your business name on. We have 6 rooms available per year.

Get in touch

supporting children

Helping children to access the support they need, when they need it.

USP for You

For every contract you sign at your workplace you can fund a session for a vulnerable child - why not ask your clients to fund match?

become an ambassador

Talk about us! Spread the word - we'll teach you how.

businesses who care


Magnavale Ltd are a food specialist cold storage provider and they are business who care. Magnavale are sponsoring our popular Rainbow Room. The children say "thank you!"


We are so grateful to employees from Balfour Beatty who raised £600 for us by very getting very cold on the football pitch!


We are very grateful to X-Press Legal Services Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire for their generous donation that allowed us to support a vulnerable child.

Find out more...

Get in touch to find out more about how you can support child mental health in the city.

Thanks for submitting!

“Having worked in the world of education for 21 years, I saw first hand the difficulties that young people experience in terms of their mental health. Moving through the stages from being a child, through to the teenage years and then progressing to adulthood can be extremely challenging internally. Add to this external pressures, uncontrollable issues and incidents, and the huge impact that Covid had on child development and socialisation; and the need for care, support, advice and guidance is vital. All this at a time where funding for child and adolescent mental health services is scarce, and has led to a significant reduction in the services available.


The guys at ‘Bridge the Gap Child Mental Health C.I.C’ are fully committed to supporting the children, parents and teachers in the city of Derby and in the wider area. Through work with all of these stakeholders, their drive and determination to improve mental health is incredibly impressive. Working both proactively and reactively, the team’s support is wide ranging; whether it be quality training for schools, work on emotional literacy with children and families or delivering sessions for individuals or small groups.


When I heard about the important work that ‘Bridge The Gap’ are doing in the local and wider community, I knew that I wanted to donate, both financially and personally. I truly believe in the power of the work that they are delivering and feel it is vital that services such as these are supported; empowering young people especially to develop a greater understanding of their mental health and become more emotionally literate as they take their places in society. The work being done within ‘Bridge The Gap’ is invaluable.


I would recommend, to anyone who can, to go and see the impact that ‘Bridge The Gap’ can have on children, young people and families’ lives. I applaud their commitment and resilience, and urge people to support the growth of this service if possible.”

Ben Wheeler

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Our Impact

Read our 2022 Impact report.

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