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Bridge the Gap, 45 Friar Gate, Derby DE1 1DA

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emotional literacy support

We are an Emotional Literacy based service, combining healthcare and education, helping children to explore and understand their emotions, how they feel in their body and why they might be feeling different emotions.. We create a safe space for children to learn different ways of how to respond to different emotions, and then support them in being able to put strategies into action.

We are a non-clinical service and operate as a 'Relationship Focused Model'. This means we work to build safe relationships with children and young people, as well as those important to them; working longer-term with a child or young person for the best long-term outcomes.

Although we operate as a non-medical model we do work with clinically informed processes and practices.

We want every child to know that they matter, they are loved and they are not alone...

To get the full benefit from our site and it's resources please view on a desktop when possible.

Happy Kids

our mission

We are fighting to change the current statistics around child mental health in the city of Derby by offering a unique relationship focused, holistic, emotional support service in both our, non clinical, emotional health hub and in the community.

You can get involved now to help save and improve the lives of children in Derby City.

We support over 120 children in the city each week, help us to continue this vital work.


  • 1:1 Support for Children

  • Proactive Emotional Education

  • Training for Schools and Health and Social Care

  • Parent & Child Groups

  • Community Events & Support

  • Parent Empowerment Workshops & Private Sessions

  • Consultancy

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For us, Emotional Education means educating children on all aspects of emotions, well-being, and mental health. At Bridge the Gap we specialise in nurturing Emotional Literacy skills, boosting self-esteem, and supporting a growth mindset by using a relationship focused approach.

We provide a range of services for children from birth and we also work with adults. Our team of practitioners can provide one-to-one and group sessions in a safe environment that suits individual needs.


We also have lots of FREE resources available to support you as a parent or a professional.


  • Personalised support designed specifically for YOUR child and family.

  • Helping to understand, accept and to move through difficult emotions and boosting self-esteem.

  • Well-being workshops and sessions for adults.

  • Working through difficult, specific circumstances in a safe space.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions about our service.


Yours and your child's mental health matters and you are not alone. Whether it is a community event or our private service you are very welcome.


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You can self-refer into our private 1:1 service, or schools and G.P's can do it for you. We then arrange a telephone assessment with a member of our team (just with adult referrer) to ensure that we are recommending the right pathway for support. Our practitioners also work with schools who fund us to go and support a child over a 12 + week period. If play or music therapy is deemed to be an appropriate next step then a separate assessment will be made by the therapist.


Assessment calls are £45 and last around 45 minutes. They are a safe, relaxed and informal discussion to help you from the very beginning.


If we know of any funded or free support available we will always inform you and share the details.


We have lots of FREE resources, spend some time exploring the site; why not ask your child to take a look with you as well? Keep checking back, we create new resources every month and don't forget to subscribe to our mailing list as well.

As well as FREE information leaflets, activity sheets, videos on our YouTube channel, and posters, we also have a FREE online course for parents. This course is full of useful information on how to support a child who might be in crisis, really useful to access this proactively as well - just in case.


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Our team require support to ensure that they are delivering the best support possible, we also run a lot of self-funded community support for children and families.​

Volunteers have the ability to have a great impact by working in a variety of roles. We require volunteers to run our compassionate craft sessions as well as supporting CWP's in small group sessions.​

In return you get access to fantastic training and be part of a truly wonderful team.​

Please read the following document to find out more about the role, the benefits for you and impact you could have before applying for a role. ​


Many, many thanks...

free for you

Reports and FREE resources to empower and support, click on the image to access.

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Our Impact

Read our 2023 impact report.

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