or Worry?

 Teaching children problem-solving skills is an important life skill that can boost self-esteem and reduce anxiety. Many children confuse worry with anxiety, become uncomfortable with their thoughts, and feel they have no control.  Our free resources are developed to be used in stages to help nurture this skill in children and young people. We also offer these as separate lessons and as a scheme of work for schools.

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What is Worry?
Helping you to work out what worry is and what the things are that might be causing you to worry.
Actual or Future Based Worry
Helping children to understand what kind of worry they have helps them to understand if they can problem solve it or need to utilise a coping strategy.
The Worry Tree
The Worry Tree can help you to work out whether the worry you have is an actual worry, or a future based worry.
Bridge the Gap problem Solving Guide
Our problem solving guide helps you to find a potential solution to a problem and begin to implement that plan.
What are your Stressors?
What adds stress into your bucket? What helps you with those stressors? If your worry is not one that you can problem solve, try exploring the triggers for your stress and overwhelm.
Problem Mind Map
You probably have lots of different thoughts and feelings about your problem. This can make our head feel fuzzy! Use this mind map to help you process, work through and understand them.
Goal Setting Sheet
Once you have identified a solution for your problem, try and use this guide to help you break down the different stages; this can help it feel more manageable. Maybe you have a challenge you are facing as well, this sheet can be use for either.
My Coping Guide
A sheet to help children think of all the ways they can cope with worries or emotions that we have to let go of, or wait to pass. Laminate and reuse.
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