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Our Impact

Read our 2023 impact report.

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"My son attended a mindfulness session on Friday and he absolutely loved it. He came away from the session full of things he wanted to tell us and teach us. He was also given a handout of a few things to try at home. I wish there was something like this when I was younger! We have now booked other future activities. I really think this is going to help him going forward especially as children have been through a lot this year and this support is amazing."

Helen Lowen

"I like it was fun and that I could talk the truth when I was playing the games."

Child aged 7 Years

Bridge the Gap have helped me know that it's ok to feel angry and that I am not naughty. I loved the sessions because I talked about having autism for the first time, saying how it makes me feel and this helped me."

Child aged 9 years

Thank you so much for agreeing to work with P and being there on a consistent basis all year. Too often support people just come and go.


I knew you and Bridge the Gap were what she needed to begin to process all that has happened and will happen to her to give her a chance of fulfilling the potential P undoubtedly has. You have proved me right - she has seen you as something for her, someone to confide in and share and begin to process. The young girl who leaves us now is dramatically different to the girl who came in for just a few days in July during the lockdown last year. Your role in that process cannot be underestimated.

Children only learn if they are happy. Over the last thirty years I have watched the lack of money mean that all those people and services who supported children in being happy when rubbish happens to them, or those around them, just gradually disappear. The work you and your colleagues do helps reverse that. It needs so much more but at least you are there to help the ever increasing numbers of children crying out for help.


I wish Bridge the Gap all the best in being that beacon of hope. Thank you.



Simon Webster, Principal, Richard Wakefield Primary School

Parent testimonial
Voice of the Child
Parent Voice
impact report 2021.jpg

Please take a moment to read through the first findings of our involvement in Derby City's inclusion programme.

These are the preliminary findings and we will be gathering the full data over the summer and we will share our findings with you all.

In the meantime please have a look at what we have been able to collate so far - there are some FANTASTIC testimonies which we really do appreciate.

If you would like us to work with your school then please get in touch.

01332 600827 or

"Since our partnership with Bridge the Gap began almost a year ago, following a recommendation from a parent, our provision for supporting children's mental health and well-being has been enhanced significantly.  In some ways, being able to refer children to someone with a level of expertise beyond our own was the missing piece in the jigsaw and what has followed is a level of support which helps us to identify, nurture and engage children from their earliest years all the way up to Y6 - and hopefully beyond.  On top of this, they will be hosting parent/carer workshops throughout the year for those who might need some extra guidance with their child(ren) at home.  These have been incredibly popular already which indicates a clear need for this kind of intervention.  All in all, we feel that we now have the whole package in place to support children's mental health and wellbeing and I only hope it continues for as long as possible."


Ian Johnson


Markeaton Primary School

"I just wanted to say thank you for the staff CPD that you led tonight. Staff all got a lot from it and the session brought home the message again of the importance of developing positive relationships."

Ashwood Spencer Academy

Jennifer Wyman, review. Child mental health and ell-being. School training.

"Thank you Jennifer - a great course, I’ll be recommending you!"

Lisa - Supporting Your Child's Mental Health Course

"I loved the morning and learned about how my feelings work. It is normal to feel scared. I loved all the crafts and being with my mum."

Emotional Health Workshop Attendee, 9 years


"The workshop was really informative and I feel like Jennifer has provided us with a lot of guidance and practical tips to use in school. I really enjoyed the session and hope to attend more."

Trainee student, third-year - Derby University

"Really good informative training. I would recommend this course to colleagues. It helps to support more vulnerable children, unpick what emotions are, and then discusses how we can support emotional development and mental health in school"

Wyndham Primary Academy


"The links between the core values of the EYFS and them being acknowledged as an important and vital foundation was incredibly useful!"

Wyndham Primary Academy

"I can’t recommend Jennifer Wyman and Bridge the Gap enough after recently completing a 3-week course focusing on how I can support my children’s mental health.
The way Jen shared her stories, knowledge, evidence, facts, information, positive support, suggestions, and things to try at home was invaluable to me as a mum of 2.
She presented in a friendly and nonjudgemental way and encouraged our participation and sharing within a safe environment. I thought I knew enough, but I came away with so much to think about - ideas about how I can deal with, plan and prepare for future situations, conversations, and any crisis that might arise having teenagers. It’s given me back a bit more confidence in my parenting, encouraged me to trust my instinct, and informed me further about the things our children face/feel on a daily basis and how I can help them to cope using emotional literacy skills and build upon their emotional resilience.
I have experienced ‘the Gap’ between home and school, and wish I had known then, some of what Jen shared during the course.
Please look out for future workshops and course from Bridge the Gap, it’s on Facebook and Instagram so check it out. It’s useful for anyone with children, not just those with children struggling with mental health. Let’s get behind raising awareness of emotional literacy and how it can help our children."

Sally Ann, via Facebook

"What a wonderful empowering workshop from Jennifer Wyman last night!
We learned so much about child development, the effects of trauma, and what causes childhood trauma, behaviours in each stage of child development... Not to mention the psychology of ourselves, and how we can improve our communication between home and school.
We understood why parental views often differ to schools, and how to bring together the differing priorities in each setting.
So much was packed into the 2.5 hours, Jen thank you so much! We are so entirely grateful, and can’t wait to work with you again!"

Chrissa Wadlow, Founder of Sunshine Support

Jennifer Wyman, Littleover, derby. Bridge the Gap social media. Child emotional and mental health. Emotional Literacy. Baasit Siddiqui Recommendation.
Bridge The Gap - Emotional Literacy & Development - Our Testimonials

"Compassionate, creative, and courageous are all words I would use to describe the incredible Jennifer. An expert in the field of emotional literacy, child development, and mental health. Jennifer is the font of all knowledge when it comes to supporting children effectively. Her workshops, training, and 1:1 are designed with quality. You can rest assured you will be receiving great support founded on love, lived experience, and integrity."

Hannah Simnett

Chief Executive at Cherished

Jennifer Wyman, Derby. Child Mental Health and Emotional Well-being. School andteacher Feedback. CPD.
Jennifer Wyman, Derby. Child Mental Health and Emotional Well-being. School andteacher Feedback. CPD.
Bridge The Gap - Emotional Literacy & Development - Our Testimonials

"The number of people affected by mental health problems is ever-growing. Early intervention, emotional-literacy knowledge, and re-jigging the way we view/ discipline children can have enormous, positive effects on mental health. Jennifer is working endlessly and tirelessly to support families and children that are facing vulnerable, highly emotional, and/ or mentally difficult situations in everyday life or within educational settings. I highly commend her work and want her to know that I believe this work will revolutionise the way we support children, mentally and emotionally, in early life - as well as providing the tools to benefit older children and adults. Thank you for everything you do and here’s to your well-deserved Mpower Mums in Business Finalist nomination."

Rachael Jennings

"Jen and Nikki offer a much needed fantastic service for desperate parents!! I've attended 3 sessions of theirs the last one being today parent wellbeing went in completely exhausted, mentally and physically, and left feeling uplifted and in a much better frame of mind. thank you totally recommend to anyone! wish you were nearer but I'm going to make a huge effort to any of your sessions when you're at Rutland!"


Jennifer Burgess

"I've always understood and acknowledged the importance of emotional literacy, however until this academic year I never realised how much of a responsibility teachers have of teaching this alongside the curriculum. Along with Jennifer's help, I've learned easy strategies to embed emotional literacy into my lessons that have required no extra work or time. In fact, these strategies have prompted some interesting discussions about wider topics and have encouraged my students to reflect upon their own feelings".
With Jennifer's help, I succeeded in getting a student, who struggles with his anger, to understand and verbalise how his anger was a result of his confusion and frustration. This has created stronger relationships with myself and my student and I am now able to further help this child - as well as others - grow and develop both academically and emotionally."

Lauren Cooper-Key Stage 3 English Teacher

"Absolutely AMAZING, I'd still be feeling lost and helpless if I hadn't made the move to attend these workshops (understanding anxiety, emotional literacy, parent well-being). Each one I have taken something away from it and have even been able to implement it into mine and my family's daily life to invest in our future. Jen and Nikki are so inspiring, welcoming, and exceptionally helpful. Thank you for sharing this information with us as parents, so we can then help our children. Something I will be forever grateful for. Please never stop what you're doing, it's fantastic."

Zoe Sherwing






My 9 year old daughter and I attended the emotional health workshop this morning. We both found it fun and thought provoking and came away with some fantastic talking opportunities and strategies for supporting our emotions. Thank you so much Jen and Nikki!

— Rachel Brown, Parent

Just attended a session on supporting children with anxiety with Bridge the Gap. It was brilliantly informative, offering strategies that could be used and implemented easily and with little cost. Both ladies were happy to answer any and all questions, even staying after the event to answer still more questions. Would definitely recommend their services.

— Jolene Carter, Educator

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