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grief and loss

Grief is something that will affect everyone at some point, and it will affect each of us in a different way.


Everyone grieves in their own way and will move in and out of the different stages of grief in their own time. It's okay to feel happiness when you are grieving. Don't feel like you're 'doing it wrong' - we all experience our grief and emotions differently. Whether it is a pet or a person, ensure you allow your child to make decisions about their involvement. If it's a pet, could they have a say as to how they say goodbye? Keeping a memory box or scrapbook can be something to treasure, and to add to over time.

We can experience the emotion of grief for reasons other than bereavement, this can be true for children as well. The lost toy, the favourite pyjamas that no longer fit, although less intense and less permanent than a bereavement, the emotions surrounding the sense of loss are still very real.


Bereavement is a complicated process; it is helpful to talk to our children and young people about the process of grief to ensure that they know how to access support when they might need it. There are some videos to help with this on our Facebook Groups for children.


There are resources and information within our booklet to support you in how to approach this topic with children and young people in a safe way.


Please do get in touch for further information and support if you feel that would be beneficial.

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