Physical, Social, Emotional Development, and Sleep are all very important pieces of the puzzle when it comes to supporting children's (and ours) well-being. At the very heart of that puzzle are children's relationships and a feeling of safety. There are a lot of times where children don’t feel safe; being in school or listening to the news are two areas away from the home, that can make children feel worried and unsure. Even if their mind tells them they are safe, their bodies might not feel safe.

It's really natural for children to want us at a time of day when they will be leaving us for an extended period of time; we are the only mammals that make the choice of when the time is right for our offspring to sleep away from us, rather than the young making the choice themselves.

Culturally this can vary a lot as well.

Sleep cycles change throughout our lives, so try as much as possible to have realistic expectations of children, please reach out for support if you are going through a difficult season of sleep deprivation. We are here to support and listen.

During times of change and transition, ours and our children's sleep can be affected. Do head over to our Facebook groups as we talk about sleep in age-appropriate ways, within the 3 different age categories. Take some time to sit and watch them with your child and explore the activities suggested.

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Recommended Resources

A wonderful book from Dr. Karen Treisman that helps you to explore your child's struggle with sleep or nightmares in a safe and fun way.